People associated with Kamaleddin Heydarov and Eldar Mahmudov sued each other

It should be reminded that yesterday the Baku Commercial Court held a court hearing on the suit of "Dıqlas 2" LLC (TIN - 2004774181) against "Azsığorta" OJSC, one of the country's leading insurance companies. reports, that "Azsığorta" OJSC has filed a mutual claim with the Baku Commercial Court today. The case was referred to Judge Emin Aliyev.
Along with "Dıqlas 2" LLC, "Azsığorta" OJSC filed a lawsuit against the legal representative of this LLC Rahimov Arzu Nusrat oglu, as well as "Diqlas" and "Diqlas" 1 LLC.
For information, we note that in 2019 there was a fire in the "Diqlas" shopping center, located in the Nizami district of the capital. Arzu Rahimov, who is currently the legal representative of "Dıqlas 2" LLC, presented himself as a deputy director during a fire in a shopping center. Arzu Rahimov, in his statement during the fire, stated that the shopping center has 2 owners and he is a deputy director named Rasim.
At that time, there was no information about the 2nd owner of the shopping center.

It should also be noted that the head of "Diqlas 1" LLC (TIN - 1601175991), registered at 81Q Gara Garayev Avenue, where the fire occurred, was Anar Makhmudov, the son of former Minister of National Security Eldar Makhmudov. At present this company is headed by Makhmudov Babek Samad oglu.
In addition, Mammadov Rasim Azim oglu is the legal representative of "Diqlas" LLC, against which a lawsuit has been filed by "Azsığorta" OJSC.
It should be noted that Arzu Rahimov, against whom the lawsuit was filed, is also the legal representative of "A.C.E. Dəri" LLC (TIN -1400671231). Previously, this company was called "Gilan Dəri" LLC, which is associated with family members of the Minister of Emergency Situations Kamaladdin Heydarov.
Arzu Rahimov is also the legal representative of "Arfa Aqro" LLC (TIN - 1505729691), which was established in December last year with an authorized capital of 500,000 manats.
It should also be noted that 100% of the shares of "Azsığorta" OJSC belong to Hikmet Abuzar oglu Ismayilov. There have been numerous reports in the press that Hikmet Ismayilov, a shareholder of "Azsığorta" OJSC, is the brother-in-law of the Minister of Emergency Situations Kamaladdin Heydarov.

A. Jafarov