The company that prints "History of Victory" has a tax debt of about 1 million

As previously reported, an agreement was signed between the Ministry of Science and Education and "Çaşıoğlu Elm-İstehsalat" LLC (TIN-1300069061) to publish the textbook "History of Victory". According to the agreement, the ministry will pay the LLC 216,916 manat 20 kopecks for 154,980 books, which will consist of 112 pages. As can be seen from the figures, it will take 1 manat 69 kopecks to print one book. reports that the Ministry of Science and Education has held a tender for the purchase of printing works related to the production of the textbook "History of Victory" for 9th grade educational institutions.
For information, we inform you that Huseynov Ulfat Hikmat oglu is the legal representative of "Çaşıoğlu Elm-İstehsalat" LLC, the authorized capital of which is 3,980 manat. The company was registered on September 26, 1995.
It should be noted that "Çaşıoğlu Elm-İstehsalat" LLC has a tax debt of 939,398,39 manat as of yesterday.
It should also be noted that participation in the tender of companies with tax debts is prohibited in accordance with the requirements of Article 6.2.5 of the Law "On Public Procurement".

Elnur Ali