Became known the cost of printing the textbook "History of Victory"

An agreement was signed between the Ministry of Science and Education and LLC "Çaşıoğlu Elm-İstehsalat" (TIN-1300069061) for the publication of the textbook "History of Victory" for grade 9. reports, that the Ministry of Science and Education held a tender for the purchase of printing works for the production of textbooks "History of Victory" for the 9th grade of educational institutions. According to the decision of the tender commission, "Çaşıoğlu Elm-İstehsalat" LLC became the winner. An agreement was signed with LLC.
The Ministry will pay the LLC 216,916 manat 20 kopecks for 154,980 books, which will consist of 112 pages. As can be seen from the figures, it will take 1 manat 69 kopecks to print one book.