Mehriban Aliyeva: Education forms the basis of progress and bright future of every nation

First Vice President of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva has sent a congratulatory message to the participants of the high school graduation party 'Towards the Future'. informs citing AzerTag that the message reads:

'Dear graduates!

'Please accept my warm greetings and sincere congratulations on the occasion of your graduation!

'School years are the most memorable period in everyone’s life. During the 11 school years starting with mastering the alphabet, you discovered the secrets of science. Finally, today you bid farewell to your childhood and carefree school years.

'Graduation causes rather conflicting feelings in every person. Today you are parting company with the school you went to for many years and with your teachers and classmates. At the same time, starting from today, you are entering an independent life, a new and important stage that will determine your future.

'Science is developing fast in the modern world. Every day we bear witness to important discoveries. All this opens up ample opportunities for you, young people. In-depth learning of modern science is the requirement of our time. It is now up to you to be active and courageous, to develop the knowledge gained by putting forward new ideas in various fields, and to implement them.

'Regardless of the profession you chose, each of you must protect the independence of our state, the noble values inherent in our people, and make effort to further develop and strengthen Azerbaijan. I am sure that from now on every decision and every step you take will be based on good intentions, nobility and justice.

'Dear friends!

'Education forms the basis of progress and bright future of every nation. We are well aware of this simple truth, which is why major funds are being invested in the development of education. This represents one of the priorities of our state policy. Our main goal is to educate knowledgeable young people with a modern world outlook because our brilliant future will be entrusted to you.

'In recent years, our country has covered a long road of development. Our successes are undeniable. However, new objectives still lie ahead. New horizons are opening up before us. President Ilham Aliyev confidently leads us to a great future and on this path he relies on bright, educated, brave and patriotic youth such as yourselves. So let us together support the further prosperity and strengthening of our native Azerbaijan!

'Let me once again congratulate you on your graduation day and wish you continued success in your education and activities.

'Let the roads ahead of you be open!'

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