Mammadyarov: Armenia should stop behaving like a child and sit at the negotiating table

"We should not deceive ourselves, everyone understands what is happening, what is the plan for the settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict. This is understood not only by the negotiating parties, but also in the capitals of the OSCE Minsk GROUP and other countries" Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov said.

Special correspondent of Report News Agency informs that he spoke at the panel "The 10th anniversary of the Eastern partnership: Achievements and challenges in delivering concrete results” in the framework of the high-level conference in Brussels, dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the Eastern Partnership program.

The Minister recalled that during the Paris meeting on January 16, as well as during the recent Moscow meeting held within the framework of the trilateral format with the participation of the Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia, the parties of the conflict "openly discussed" the settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict.

"We discussed very specific topics, since the Armenian side raised two issues - the issue of statehood and the issue of security. As for statehood, I think we have been negotiating on this issue for 15 years. Over the 15 years the situation around this question is clearer, I think it is no longer a secret," Mammadyarov said.

Speaking about the security issue, the minister noted that there is an idea that the co-chairs will work in this direction and will coordinate their actions with the Armenian side - "the position of the Armenian side for me is still not clear - whether it will be international peacekeepers, as it was confirmed at the well-known Budapest summit of the OSCE in 1994, or there will be additional parameters that we are ready to discuss."

"But let's shorten this long story, let's start substantive negotiations, because otherwise we will discuss the meetings or where these meetings will take place - in the elevator or somewhere else, it is children's position. We need to sit down and negotiate on everything that has actually been discussed and done during this time. I think our position is transparent," the Azerbaijani Minister said.