IT becomes the​ most important part of our life

IT became one of the most important parts of our life during last 40 years and it eases everything around. But we have to admit that the growth of this field is related with the growth of the other fields as well. To say in short, IT and other fields enlarge, develope, expand and prosper depending on each other recursively. For example the more people enlarge their business the more they need database, and it brings the need of IT accordingly. And the more IT grows the easier our business gets.  Let’s imagine a trade company having sales, stocks, personnel, headstaff, accountings, budget, wharehouses, bank operations, partners, companions, customers, shops, marketing and public relations and so on. Of course they do need a very nice application pack for all needs of database and automatization in technical and logical operations. 
Barcode scanners, barcode printers, CRMs, handheld mobile devices and etc. are vital for all companies nowadays and IT professionals are certainly a must and worthless for these needs. Users just use the applications and see only their screens coded by the IT professionals. But they don’t know how these programs are made and how long they work to get them generated or coded. Of course programming is not the only important part of them. I mean we mustn’t forget the role of hardwear professionals, either.  As you know there are not only visible hardware devices like barcode scanners or etc. but also processors, RAMs and other chipsets which are the base of IT. 

This field slowly occupies and invades all the sectors of life every passing day. For example, if 30 years before there were some other technologies to produce and use TV sets, audio and video divices, musical instruments, automobiles, aviation means, and etc. now we use only IT technologies for all. So I think if this field goes up like this, businessmen will have to either support the IT education and practice opportunities for the young generation or learn it themselves which is much more unbelievable...

Mahmudənəs Abdulla