Weapon and ammunition left by Armenian armed units found in Sugovushan

Measures on detection of firearms and ammunition left by the Armenian army in the liberated lands are being continued, Barda regional group of the press service of MIA told. 

According to the report, While employees of the Tartar District police department were in service in the territory of Sugovushan village, 1 60 mm mortar weapon, 72 shells belonging to that weapon, 5 30 mm AQS-17 grenade launchers, 2 12.7 mm PK with loaded box and ammunition, 1 PK machine gun, IGLA missile system ready for air defense, 1 Mukha RPG-18 grenade launcher, 3 anti-tank RPG-7 shells, 1 sniper rifle, 2 boxes of 12.7 mm cartridges, 1 handheld radio and feeder were found and handed over.