TABİB: The whole world is preparing for new infections, despite the small number of infections

"According to the latest statistics released by the WHO, 278,291 people worldwide are infected with COVID-19 a day," said head of Department of TABIB Yagut Garayeva at the press conference of the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan, APA reports.

According to her, recent weeks, the number of infected people in Azerbaijan is less than the number of cured: "There is also a decrease in the number of deaths. It depends on the activities of doctors and medical staff. Let's focus more on what will happen in the coming weeks. We will not solve the problem by closing our eyes to the problem. All countries of the world are preparing for new infections, despite the small number of diseases and infections. We are going to the opening today. This means that we must follow all the rules indoors. The responsibility for this lies with the entrepreneurs and us. Today, there are parks in all parts of Baku. Let's try not to gather in the same places. If every citizen protects himself, he will indirectly reduce the number of infections. Each of us is tired of the quarantine regime. But experience shows that the spread of the disease occurs when close people gather together. Therefore, we must go to the openings step by step. But let's try to follow the rules. Whether we do it or not, it will happen. Doctors and health workers do not want the infection to increase. They are tired of working in this harsh regime.