Headquarters: In some cases persons having symptoms of coronavirus apply force against doctor brigades

The prophylactic measures for the prevention of the spread of coronavirus disease in Azerbaijan are being continued. Currently, the relevant awareness-raising and medical measures are being taken in this regard, the disinfection works are being implemented in public facilities and other necessary steps are being taken in accordance with recommendations of the World Health Organization.

Note that if the symptoms of the virus are detected in the persons entering the territory of Azerbaijan, as well as the citizens being on the country’s territory, they will be taken under quarantine in accordance with the instructions and will be placed in relevant hospitals, and during the period of quarantine, the certain tests and treatment procedures are implemented.

We are sorry to inform you that in some cases the persons showing the symptoms of the coronavirus disease apply force against the doctor brigades, offer resistance to the emergency medical aid staff having come on call and try to digress from being taken under doctor’s control.