Rouhani: Non-Aligned Movement may play its role in conflict settlement

Independent states need coordination and synergy to move forward and the Non-Aligned Movement can help protect their national interests, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said at the XVIII Summit of the NAM countries.

"I would like to thank President of fraternal country Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev for his efforts and hospitality," Rouhani said.

He noted that with the collapse of bipolar system the United States is trying to establish monopolar order under the slogan of the new global system, based on the power of military, economic power and mass media.

He pointed that some independent countries are trying to make a challenge by uniting their efforts in economic and political field. "The United States is today resorting to wars in different parts of the world, including Western Asia, by killing people and inflicting a gross economic harm. The US policy of globalization further spreads the inequality across the globe and increases the threat of economic crisis," the Iranian President said.

Rouhani noted that the organization of the Non-Aligned Movement can help solve a number of problems globally, including the issue of countering terrorism, establishing stability in the world and a number of regions, and establishing cooperation to comply with international law. "Independent countries today need more coordination and synergy to move forward. The movement can help this by ensuring the establishment of ties between these countries to comply with national interests," said the Iranian president.

According to him, the organization can play a role in resolving conflicts. “The Non-Aligned Movement can take steps to neutralize unilateral actions on the part of the United States and its global dominance, including through strengthening economic stability, trade relations based on multilateral and unilateral agreements, and attracting cryptocurrencies. But all this must comply with international law,” Rouhani said.

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