Police refuse fines by protesting in Belgium

Members of the "Police Unifying Movement" which unites about 22 thousand Belgian guards, committed not to charge motorists in the period from 1 to 15 November fines for traffic violations. Report informs citing the RIA Novosti.

In the meantime, the group has formulated a list of problem issues related to a planned change in the status of public employees, which would affect their entitlement to sick leave and make changes to the age at which officers become eligible for a pension.

Thus, the protest action No Money ("Without money") is designed to draw the attention of the authorities to the requirements of the police. They are dissatisfied, in particular, with the reform of 2001, which led to the division of the police into Federal and local.

A spokesperson for the federal police claimed to have no knowledge of the group or its "No Money" action, but pointed out that if members refuse to issue fines when necessary, they are in dereliction of duty, as officers are bound to act on knowledge of any illegal act.

“The idea behind this action is to hit the coffers of the state, because otherwise they refuse to listen to us,” said Pascal Rombaux, an inspector in Charleroi and member of the Facebook group. “We are asking for our status to return to how it was in 2001.”

On November 15, its participants will gather in the Central square of Brussels – Grand place to express a public protest against police reform.