Voting results at Georgian Embassy in Azerbaijan made public

The final results of voting in the presidential election held in the Georgian Embassy in Azerbaijan have been announced.

Local Bureau of Report News Agency informs that the vast majority of Georgian citizens who voted in Baku supported the candidate of the United National Movement Party Grigol Vashadze.

He received 88 votes, while Salome Zurabishvili won 39 votes from three polling stations held in diplomatic representatives.

The results on three polling stations in Baku are as follows:

Polling station № 4: Vashadze 35 votes, Zurabishvili 13 votes. Totally, 54 people voted in the polling station.

Polling station № 5: Vashadze 36, Zurabishvili 12 votes. The total number of voters in the polling station were 53 people.

Polling station № 6: Vashadze 17, Zurabishvili 14 votes. Totally, 40 voters participated in the polls.

Notably, 55 polling stations were opened in 41 countries on the presidential elections held in Georgia. According to preliminary results, Vashadze won in the polling stations established abroad.