Cabinet of Ministers: 5 drainage well currently are being drilled in Badamdar sliding area

"Drainage wells are currently being drilled at the sliding area in Badamdar," Shahin Salahov, the head of the department at the Cabinet of Ministers told reporters.

He said that 5 wells will be drilled to a depth of 150 meters: "3 wells are currently being drilled. Drilling of wells is aimed at lowering the level of underground water. There are also operating wells, drilled wells are additional."

According to the head of the department, security measures are currently underway in the area: "People have been relocated, roads are closed. Water and power of the enterprises were cut off to prevent human casualties. Other measures will be carried out according to the results of the investigations. The decision whether to destroy houses or not will be made according to the results of inspections. People currently do not live in their houses."