Hollywood star Steven Seagal rejects Trump-Russia collusion narrative as ‘fantasy’

Claims of a collusion between Donald Trump’s associates and Russia to win the presidential election are "a fantasy" and part of propaganda against Moscow, Hollywood actor Steven Seagal, recently appointed as the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Special Envoy for Russian-US humanitarian relations, told Fox News, TASS reports.

"I believe this is a situation where there is a tremendous amount of propaganda against Russia, and in my opinion, most of the things that are being said is fabricated and untrue. And I think that this whole thing with Russian collusion and the president of the United States being involved in Russian collusion… it's all a fantasy," Seagal said.

"I think this has more to do with the great divide between Republicans and Democrats, and the conservatives and the liberals (in the US)," the actor said. According to him, at this point "certain groups will do anything in the world," legally or illegally, they don’t care, to win this battle with their agenda triumphs.

America is at a "tipping point" and Democrats and Republicans have to start working together in "a more civil fashion," he stressed.

In his interview, Seagal called Russian President Vladimir Putin "a brilliant strategist," "an intelligent man" and "a great world leader." The actor also called to improve relations between Washington and Moscow, stressing that the US should treat Russia as an equal partner.

On August 4, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that it appointed Seagal as the ministry’s "special representative" for Russian-US humanitarian ties. His unpaid position would be to enhance direct contacts, mutual understanding and trust between the people of Russia and the United States. His role will be similar to that of a United Nations’ goodwill ambassador, according to the ministry.