Roman Hryhorchuk: I haven’t worked in vain for Gabala - INTERVIEW

Interview of Former Head Coach of Gabala, Roman Hryhorchuk to "Report".

- How did you meet the decision to stop working with club?

- We have bid farewell friendly and kind. At the same time, what happened in the farewell ceremony was impressive. But we continue on our way. Now even I want to talk about it. I just thank the management and staff of the club, all the players in the team, and all those who have crossed our path and I send my best wishes them.

- What would you like to mention when you remember 3.5 years that you worked in Gabala?

- I hear so pleasant words from the people whom I have bid farewell in past two days after leaving the team… I just understand that I’ve not worked here in vain. Everything is mutual from my side. I see people who enjoy our relationships. This is the most important thing for me.

- What would you recommend to current leadership for future success?

- We have had conversations on this topic, as well as discussions on some issues. But I do not want to sound serious ideas for the broad public. I just wish success to the new head coach. I believe in him and wish him better results.

- By the way, did you recommend the club to appoint Senan Gurbanov?

- I have not only advised, but even believe him. I think that Sanan Gurbanov is ready for this job and will be useful for Gabala.

- What did Gabala lack to win the Azerbaijani Cup?

- Goals that should be done. There was equal game with "Keshla". We were perhaps even superior. But the rival could score, but we did not. So, the destiny of the game was solved and we could not win the cup.

- You won silver and bronze medals in the Premier League and you are the finalist of the country cup. But what about your failure to get titles during your 3.5 years of activity?

- It is true, we could show good results. But we missed our chance to win the title. It frustrated me.

Your future workplace is discussed very often. What can you say about it?

- There is nothing to discuss. It is need to wait some time for my new job. Everyone will know after I decide on it.

- Usually, the head coaches working for a long time in need of rest after resigning . What about you?

- No. I said I would not comment on my destiny in the team until the final of the Azerbaijani Cup. After the final game, I said that I would make a decision within 3-4 days.

- So you already have concrete proposals ...

- Now I will not talk about it. Wait a while, you'll know everything.

- Your new workplace will be identified soon?

- It is difficult for me to say it now. It is not for me to find out what will be in future. We will work on this issue just in the coming days. But nobody can say what will happen. At present I am working on this direction. I do not say anymore about such moments. Everyone will know when everything is clarified. Why to talk about it without any concreteness?

- In special, do you have a proposal from the Kazakh club "Astana"?

- I say once more: Now I have to work on identifying what to do next. Everything will be clear after the official announcement. Then it will be easy to talk for us.