4 foreigners prevented from violating Azerbaijani state border

In a series of joint search operations, the State Border Service and the State Security Service have intercepted 4 foreigners attempting to cross Azerbaijan’s state border to enter the territory of Iran.

The incident happened in the service area of Goytepe border detachment on May 30.

Border guards detained the trespassers and brought them to the border post. They were found carrying as much as $3,610, 250 Bangladeshi takas, a “Samsung”, 3 “Huawei” phones and other personal belongings.

During the investigation, the detainees were identified as Bangladesh citizens - Hossain MD Lokman (1997), Hossain MD Rintu (1998), who were students of the Baku Eurasian University, as well as Islam Saifu (1998), and Talukdar MD Aminul Islam (1987), who were students of the Azerbaijan Technical University.

Necessary operational and investigative measures are underway.