Turkmenistan establishing co-op with global leading oil, gas companies - president

Turkmenistan is establishing mutually beneficial relations with leading foreign financial, as well as oil and gas companies, reads a welcome message by Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the participants of the International Gas Congress of Turkmenistan that kicked off in the Caspian Avaza resort May 23.

Turkmenistan holds one of the leading positions in the world for hydrocarbon reserves, according to the message.

The International Gas Congress is given great importance as a forum that contributes to the successful implementation of important programs to accelerate the pace of the country’s industrialization, the national economy’s diversification, attraction of investments for joint development of oil and gas fields, increase of the manufacture of products that are in high demand on world markets, reads the appeal.

Experts participating in the work of the 9th International Gas Congress of Turkmenistan, along with other topical issues, discuss and exchange views on diversification of routes for the export of natural gas, energy security at the regional and global levels, the operational capabilities of gas pipelines, gas processing, the development of priority areas in attracting investments to the gas and chemical industry, the Turkmen president said in his message.

Turkmenistan is ready to continue building up mutually beneficial cooperation for the effective use of rich hydrocarbon resources, according to the message.

The development of gas industry, the launch of petrochemical and gas chemical production, the expansion of export capacities of the fuel and energy complex, and the establishment of fruitful cooperation at the regional and global levels will contribute to the enhancement of Turkmenistan’s economic potential, the Turkmen president noted.

The favorable geopolitical location of the country creates good conditions for the implementation of large-scale international projects, reads the message.

Main gas pipelines from Turkmenistan to neighboring states can serve an example to this. In the coming years, the transnational Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline will be added to them, the Turkmen president said.

The implementation of this project will become significant contribution to the further development and modernization of the fuel and energy sector, according to the message.

The Turkmen land is rich in natural resources, and the Galkynysh giant gas field alone serves as a vivid proof of this, the Turkmen president said in his appeal.

By implementing strategic partnership in the energy sector with various countries, Turkmenistan is expanding it in the European, Asian, Far Eastern and South-Western directions, establishing mutually beneficial relations with the leading foreign financial and oil and gas companies, according to the message.

The issues related to the search, extraction and industrial processing of natural gas have recently become increasingly important in the world, the Turkmen president said.

“I am confident that this representative forum will become an effective platform for the exchange of accumulated experience, having conditioned the expansion of international cooperation in the gas sector,” reads the appeal.