Neftchi FC captain: "We would like to continue with Tarlan Ahmadov"

"We had difficult times in the beginning of the season. But in the end, everything was fine for us. Our head coach, management and players come together to get out of the situation. Finally, we took the third place."

Western bureau of Report was told by Neftchi footballer Ruslan Abishov after defeating Kapaz in Ganja 2: 1 in the XXVIII tour match of Azerbaijani Premier League. Captain of the flagship said that the bronze medal in this case is also a good result: "Although we wanted to be among the ambitious teams. But in a difficult situation, this is a good result for us.”

Abilov said they would try to make a worthy contribution to the Europa League and "Neftchi" and they want to continue with the current head coach Tarlan Akhmedov: "Of course, successful results began to come after Tarlan Ahmedov's appointment. This is obvious. As a football player, we support our coach. Of course, the team must be stronger. Perhaps, our management and head coach will have some discussions in this regard. It would be better if there were local and foreign players in the team to make a worthy performance in the Europa League. We would like to continue with our current head coach”.

Notably, Tarlan Ahmadov's contract with Neftchi will end on May 31. The club has not yet offered a new contract to 47-year-old specialist.