Azerbaijan's position in FIFA rating remains same

FIFA has announced the next ranking list of world teams.

Report informs, the position of the national team of Azerbaijan has not changed. The team, headed by Gurban Gurbanov, with 245 points is 126th place as Sudan.

Kazakhstan which prevails its rivals by 2 steps, ranks second with 273 points, Kyrgyzstan is in 75th with 424 points and Latvia is in 139th with 217 points.

As regards rivals in the UEFA League, Faroe Islands, which moved on 1 stage is in 93th with 364 points, Kosovo is in 152th with 164 points, and Malta is in 185th with 185 points.

No changes are observed in the first 47 places of the list. Germany is first with 1533 points, Brazil is second with 1384 points, Belgium is third with 1346 points, Turkey is 37th with 714 points.