President Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijani people will never accept occupation

Armenians destroyed our mosques, but they don’t understand that we have erected the destroyed mosques in our hearts, said Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev during his inauguration ceremony on April 18.

“Our army building policy is the only right policy. Great work was done in the beginning of implementation of this policy and the army building process has proceeded rapidly. Sometimes we are criticized: “why do you spend so much funds for this?” But the life shows that we have conducted a right policy. Today the Azerbaijani army is among the strong armies on the global scale. Our army is among the strong ones in terms of equipment, ammunition, weaponry, machinery and combat capability. We provide our army with everything it needs. We buy the most modern weapons and will continue to do so,” said the head of state.

"The enemy also saw the strength of the Azerbaijani army. The April fights are our glorious history, our great victory. Azerbaijan's army liberated parts of the territories of Agdere, Fizuli and Jabrayil districts. We control thousands of hectares of territories. Life is returning to these lands and the Azerbaijani flag is flying on these lands. People have returned and a new settlement has been established. Our military victory shows the strength of the Azerbaijani people, their invincible spirit. It shows that the Azerbaijani people will never accept this occupation and we will liberate our lands. We need to be even stronger in order to achieve this and we will be so,” said the head of state.

“The Jojug Marjanli settlement has turned into a symbol of our revival. The life which has returned to Jojug Marjanli makes every Azerbaijani glad and proud. Armenians, the vandals, the Armenian leadership have committed genocide against our historical monuments as well and destroyed our mosques. But they do not understand that the destroyed mosques live in our hearts, we have erected the destroyed mosques in our hearts. After liberating the lands from occupation, we brought a mosque similar to the Shusha mosque, destroyed by the vandals, to Jojug Marjanli, built it there and today, our people can pray on these lands. This shows that we will never accept the occupation,” added President Aliyev.