OSCE ODIHR mission says results of observation in Azerbaijani presidential election to be announced tomorrow

The election observation mission of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) started working in Azerbaijan on March 9 to observe the pre-election period, Corien Jonker, head of the ODIHR mission told reporters on April 11, APAreports.

“Today we’re observing the presidential election in Azerbaijan and we’ll be here until the 24th of April to observe the post-election activities,” she said.

She noted that they are working with a group of 13 analysts.

“The ODIHR mission has 350 observers throughout the country. Tomorrow we will have a press conference in which we will state our observations so far. Then there will be a final reported published, which will take two months,” she added.

Jonker noted that the ODIHR also works with the same methodology.

“We observe all elections in all OSCE countries in the same way. We use the same methodology based on interviews that have with state authorities, political parties, candidates, election administration, opposition representatives and media representatives, both from the more traditional media but also from the opposition media. Then we bring together all the findings based on these different interviews. That’s how write our reports,” she added.

Voting in Azerbaijan’s presidential election started at 08:00.

Eight candidates are participating in the election.

Moreover, 894 international (61 organizations, 59 countries) and 58,175 local observers monitor the election.

The voting will end at 19:00.