BTK to heighten standard of living in region – OSCE PA

The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway is a very important economic project, OSCE PA President Gigi Tsereteli told.

He noted that today the Caucasus plays an increasingly unifying role between the West and the East, and that it is in the whole region's interest.

"At present, we are actively holding discussions on the ‘Silk Road’ theme all over the world. The Silk Road Support Group has been established at the initiative of Azerbaijan at the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly,” Tsereteli said.

According to him, the BTK railway will facilitate integration into the world economy and the European market.

"The economy will also have a positive impact on the political situation. This railroad will help increase the living standards of the population in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, attract more investments to these countries, and create new jobs,” he stressed.

The OSCE PA president stated that the strategic partnership between the three countries is proved by projects like the BTK railway.

"Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey are in a close cooperation, which is very important. The historic BTK railway will manifest its effectiveness in the coming decades,” he added. APA