25 documents signed at Baku session of CIS Border Troops Commanders Council

The 78th session of the CIS Council of Commanders of Border Troops took place in Baku on Oct. 19.

Representatives of the Border Troops services of eight countries participated in the meeting. The head of the CIS Executive Committee also attended the event.

Chairman of the Coordination Service of the CIS Council of Commanders of Border Troops, Deputy Head of the Russian Border Troops Alexander Manilov said that the session’s agenda included 9 main issues on strengthening the security of the member states’ borders.

The session ended with the signing of 25 documents, added Manilov.

"The majority of the documents concerned the outcome of discussions on the situation at the borders of the two countries, including the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan where there can be threats to the security of CIS countries. The sides agreed to cooperate and exchange information in the field of border security," he said.

The Russian Border Service deputy command added that the parties discussed organized crime, drug trafficking, migration processes at borders and other issues. The parties also raised the issue of training military officers in educational facilities in the CIS zone. APA