Azerbaijani president: Future development to be defined by knowledge, rather than natural resources

All necessary measures are underway for Azerbaijani children and younger general to be well-educated, said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

The president made the remarks at a meting with teachers and pupils during the opening ceremony of the new building of school-lyceum No. 20 named after Arif Huseynzade.

The head of state noted that the literacy rate in Azerbaijan is close to 100%, which he said is common for Azerbaijan and unachievable for my countries.

“This is a big advantage for us. Our children should be well-educated so that they can have a deserved position in society. In today’s world, knowledge and education defines everything. We have all necessary conditions for children to excel in their studies,” he said.

The president said that the development of any country is defined by intellectual potential.

“It’s enough to look at achievements of developed countries. Countries with innovations and technological development have leading roles worldwide. Future development will be defined by knowledge, rather than natural resources. We can see how technologies in the economic, military, and other areas develop. The founders of those technologies today have their say in the world. Therefore, we attach importance to science, education and technology in Azerbaijan, so that it can achieve a technological development,” he said.

President Aliyev expressed his confidence that the intellectual potential of the Azerbaijani society will always be at a high level, which is necessary for both development and stability prevailing in our country.

He went on to say: “We must protect ourselves from external influences. Because an ideological struggle, war is going on throughout the world. This is the basis of the further bloody wars. The minds of people and especially young people are poisoned and they are incited to take unpleasant steps. Then they are used to display the dirty intentions of some foreign circles in this or another country. That’s why we should protect ourselves protect from negative and external influences. How? It depends on you – the teachers. You should make sure that children are knowledgeable, literate so that no external influence could affect the consciousness of our children. Moreover, students and teachers should educate children in a patriotic spirit so that they be faithful to the motherland, grow in the national spirit and prefer national values ​​above all else. If there is any concussion in our national value, it can also affect the society. Thus, I always say that our national and moral values ​​are superior to everything for us. We must protect them and our national spirit.” APA