IGB to sign agreement with Azerbaijan in early 2018

Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB) consortium is planning to sign agreements with Azerbaijan and other countries, which have booked capacity in the IGB pipeline.

According to the consortium, the Project company has submitted in July 2017 an annex to the exemption application to the regulatory authorities - EWRC and RAE, to take a final decision for exemption from the rules for regulated third party access: “Decision by the Regulatory Authorities on the exemption procedure is expected by the end of October 2017 and the final opinion of the EU is expected by January 2018, based on which the gas transportation agreements will be signed with shippers that have booked capacity in the gas pipeline”.

This pipeline will transport 1 bcm of Shahdeniz 2 gas per year to Bulgaria. Along with this SOCAR’s 250 mcm of gas can also be transported via this pipeline per year (during five years). Therefore, IGP is planned to join TAP. APA