Air Defense units performing tactical live-fire exercises in Nakhchivan

Air Defense units are performing tactical live-fire exercises in the areas of military units and formations of the Separate Combined-Arms Army located in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

The exercises, which involve anti-aircraft missile, anti-aircraft missile artillery and other special units of the Air Defense Troops, started off with an alarm signal. The troops then performed the task of repelling the first strikes of a conditional aerial enemy and other combat tasks at command posts, Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry reported.

During a relocation of infantry units, Air Defense units provided air defense for them and were stationed according to plan.

After the combat task was given, decisions were made as to clarifying the task, considering the situation, and planning the interactive and air defense tasks on a model landscape. During the relocation, units repelled an assault by a conditional enemy and colons and military columns safely marched to the appointed locations.

During the live-fire stage of the exercises, the conditional enemy’s ground and air targets were destroyed with “Strela 3” portable anti-aircraft systems and 23-mm anti-aircraft equipment pieces. The exercises were also joined by 120-mm mortar squads. APA