Utah State Senate signs citation recognizing Azerbaijan Republic Day

On behalf of Utah State Senate, State Senator Gene Davis has signed a citation congratulating people of Azerbaijan on the May 28th – Azerbaijan Republic Day.The citation, which was sent to the Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles, notes that "Azerbaijan’s commitment to becoming an independent republic is an inspirational story that demonstrates the energy of a young, freedom loving people”, the Consulate General told.

He praises Azerbaijan’s ability to "accommodate its diverse cultural and religious populations as an inspiration for those who believe that all peoples can live in harmony."

The document further states that "after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Azerbaijan quickly reestablished its independence and democratic rule". The citation says: “The United States was early to recognize Azerbaijani independence, and it is both fitting and proper that our nations maintain close ties and continue a relationship that provides a suitable platform for cooperation between our countries and encourage our shared hope for humanitarian causes across the globe.”

The document concludes that the Utah State Senate recognizes the people of Azerbaijan and congratulates them on the 99th National Day of the Republic of Azerbaijan.