Salaries have fallen again: what is the reason for the synchronous change? - Expert statement

In January-September of this year, the average monthly nominal wage of employees in the country's economy amounted to 919 manats 80 kopecks.
reports with reference to official data released today, compared to the previous period (January-August), the average monthly nominal salary decreased by 3 manats 20 kopecks.
For information, at the beginning of the year in Azerbaijan, the average monthly salary begins to increase and then decrease. At the end of the year it begins to increase again. This trend has remained unchanged in recent years.
Over the past 3 years, the average monthly nominal salary in the country was as follows:

Economist expert Allahverdi Aydin told that such a change in the average monthly salary may be associated with the indexation of the retirement pension by age:
“As we know, labor pensions in Azerbaijan are indexed according to the rate of wage growth. The more wages grow at the end of the year, the more pensions will increase. It seems that it is planned in advance how much pensions need to be increased and, so that at the end of the year the numbers coincide, they artificially increase and reduce wages. Otherwise, it is unlikely that changes in working conditions will occur simultaneously."

Elnur Ali