The name of the lyceum owned by the former deputy is changing

Меняется название лицея, принадлежащего бывшему депутату
The comprehensive school "Müasir İnnovasiyalar Liseyi" (TIN - 1403129661) announced the change of name and legal form to LLC "Complete Secondary School "MİL"".
informs that the comprehensive school "Müasir İnnovasiyalar Liseyi" was registered on 29.05.2015.
Hasanov Fuzuli Abbas oglu is the legal representative of the school with an authorized capital of 1,000 manats.
For information, Hasanov Fizuli Abbas oglu is also the rector of the "Odlar Yurdu" University, an assistant to the former deputy Akhmet Veliyev.
It is reported that the general education school "Müasir İnnovasiyalar Liseyi" belongs to Ahmed Veliyev. Also reported that, educational institutions owned by Akhmet Veliyev include "Odlar Yurdu" University, "Odlar Yurdu" College, "BSB" Innovation Complete Secondary School and "Müasir İnnovasiyalar Liseyi".
It should be noted that Ahmed Veliyev was a member of parliament in 2005-2015. He is a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences. In 1990-97 he worked as the director of the Baku Industrial Pedagogical College. In 1995, he founded "Odlar Yurdu" University on the basis of a technical college, of which he was the director.
A. Jafarov