NAP revenue doubled - Latest data

Доходы ПЕА увеличились в 2 раза - Последние данные
The New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) has doubled its income. reports that last year the income of the NAP amounted to 26 million 794 thousand 284 manats.
It should be noted that a year ago the income of the NAP was 2 times less - 13 million 156 thousand 300 manats.
The increase in the income of the party was due to the increase in the collected membership dues. Thus, last year the members of the NAP paid membership fees in the amount of 22 million 978 thousand 154 manats. In 2021, this figure amounted to 11 million 26 thousand 276 manats.
In total, 8,140 manats was donated to NAP last year. 2 million 403 thousand 344 manats were allocated from the state budget.
In 2022, the NAP spent 15 million 878 thousand 93 manats. Of the funds spent, 9 million 43 thousand 651 manats were paid to employees as wages.
In addition, NAP paid electricity bills for 124,000 manats during the year. 84,000 manats were paid for gas, 14,000 manats for water.

A. Jafarov