The Central Bank buys milk for its employees - 500 liters per month...

The winner of the tender competition held by the Central Bank of Azerbaijan has been announced. reports that "Sobran" LLC (TIN - 4003169431), which won the tender, will sell milk to the Central Bank.
The Central Bank will pay "Sobran" LLC 9,505.47 manats for 5,652 liters of milk it will buy for its employees. The fat content of 5268 liters of purchased milk will be 2.4%, and 384 liters - 1.5%. As can be seen from the figures, the Central Bank will pay 1.68 manats per liter of milk. The Central Bank will buy milk for 1 year.
For information, the winner of the competition was "Sobran" LLC, which was registered on 04.12.2020. The legal address of the LLC, with an authorized capital of 5 manats, is located in the Mollaly village of the Barda region. The legal representative of the LLC is Gafarli Khatai Sarvar oglu.
A noteworthy moment in the winning company is that "Sobran" LLC won tender competitions in 3 directions, held by 3 different state institutions in December last year.
According to information from 06.12.2022, the LLC will sell clothes and blankets to the Gazakh Central Hospital in the amount of 6991.5 manats.
According to information from 07.12.2022, it will sell blinds to the Entrepreneurship Development Fund for 17,233.9 manats.
According to information dated 19.12.2022, it will provide services for the current repair of vehicles and sell lubricants to the Central Hospital of the Goranboy region in the amount of 15,474.52 manats.
There is no information in open Internet resources about "Sobran" LLC, the winner of the tender in 4 directions, held by 4 state institutions. The LLC does not have an official website or social media accounts.

A. Jafarov