The new company in Nakhchivan was divided into 10 parts - Mysterious moments

Naxçıvanda yeni yaranan şirkət 10 yerə parçalandı – Müəmmalı məqamlar
10 companies are leaving "MES-T" LLC, registered about a month ago - on February 6, 2023, (TIN - 0201391611) in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. reports that it is separated from LLC "MES-T" with the transfer of part of the rights and obligations of LLC "MEST-2", LLC "MEST-3", LLC "MEST-4", LLC "MEST-5", LLC " MEST-6", LLC "MEST-7", LLC "MEST-8", LLC "MEST-9", LLC "MEST-10", LLC "MEST-11".
For information, the authorized capital of "MES-T" LLC, the legal address of which is located at the address: Nakhchivan, st. Tabriz, 16, is 4 million 540 thousand manats. The legal representative of the LLC is Yusifov Arif Yusif oglu.
It should also be noted that two more companies, whose legal representative is Yusifov Arif Yusif oglu, have passed state registration in Nakhchivan.
"NAXPROPERTY-S" LLC (TIN-0201381651) and "NAXPROPERTY-R" LLC (TIN-0201378581), whose director is Arif Yusifov, were registered on 17.01.2023 and 11.01.2023, respectively.
The legal address of "NAXPROPERTY-R" LLC, the authorized capital of which is 2 million 325 thousand 300 manats, is Nakhchivan, st. H. Aliyev, 32, building 19, and the legal address of "NAXPROPERTY-S" LLC, the authorized capital of which is 4 million 232 thousand 400 manats, is located at the address: Nakhchivan, st. Ataturk, house 9.
It should be noted that the founders of companies with large authorized capital are not reported.
However, recently in Nakhchivan, the companies included in "Gəmiqaya Holding" have undergone changes in the authorized capital and numerous divisions. It is believed that this change is due to the change of founders. The company "Gəmiqaya Holdinq", owned by Rza and Seymur Talibov, sons of the former Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov, was renamed into "Arkoz Holding" some time ago.

A. Jafarov