How did a company founded 7 days ago win a tender for 300,000?

The winner of the tender held by the Landscaping Department of the Sumgayit City Housing and Communal Production Association has been announced.
reports with reference to published official information that "4 MM AQRO" LLC (TIN-6701560141) became the winner of the tender for the amount of 293,230 manats.
"4 MM AQRO" LLC will carry out landscaping works by order of the Sumgayit landscaping department.
The legal address of "4 MM AGRO" LLC, the authorized capital of which is 10 manats, is Saatli district, Alisultanli, building 1, apt. 23. The legal representative of LLC is Fataliyeva Nurlana Shakhin.
What is interesting and suspicious about the tender is that the winning company - LLC "4 MM AQRO" was registered by the state just 7 days before the start of the tender.
As we have repeatedly noted earlier, this case does not meet the requirements for the qualification of consignors (contractors) of Article 6 of the Law "On Public Procurement". Thus, in paragraph 6.2.1 of that article it is clearly stated that in order to ensure the execution of a sales contract, it is necessary to have professionalism, experience, technical and financial capabilities, workforce, managerial competence and reliability.
It is not clear what kind of professionalism and experience a company created just 7 days ago should have in order to win a tender of 300,000 manats.
There is no information about LLC "4 MM AQRO" in open Internet resources. The company that won the tender for hundreds of thousands of manats does not have an official website or even an account on a social network.
It should also be noted that the Landscaping Department of the Sumgayit City Housing and Communal Production Association has previously held similar dubious tenders.
For example, on 25.05.2022, it announced a tender for the amount of 141,000 manats, the winner of which was "SANDORA" LLC (TIN - 1203088251), which was registered about a month ago – 15.04.2022. Or, on 01.07.2022, a tender was announced in the amount of 1941 thousand manats, the winner of which was “FIKSON TS CORP” LLC (TIN - 1102599721), which was registered in the state for two months – 05.06.2022.

A. Jafarov