The world's best sandwiches: "Tombik Doner" in first place - List

The famous site "Taste Atlas", which is one of the joint platforms of experts and critics of the food industry, has identified the 10 most popular sandwiches in the world. reports that "Taste Atlas"' s sandwich rating leads Turkish cuisine's "Tombik Doner".
The sandwich rating is as follows:
"Tombik Doner" (Turkey) - 4.7 points
"Butifarra" (Peru) - 4.6 points
"Sandviç de lomo" (Argentina) - 4.6 points
"Spiedie" (USA) - 4.6 points
"Banh mi" (Vietnam) - 4.6 points
"Lobster roll" (USA) - 4.5 points
"Çoripan" (Argentina) - 4.5 points
"Toast Skagen" (Sweden) - 4.5 points
"Sanguce de milanes" (Argentina) - 4.5 points
"Arepa Andina" (Venezuela) - 4.5 points

Elnur Ali