The 5 wars the US has spent the most money on

The United States provided Ukraine with $46.6 billion in military aid following Russia's military aggression against Ukraine. reports that information about this was published by the Kiel Institute of World Economy.
It is reported that the funds spent by the United States on the Russian-Ukrainian war exceeded the funds spent on the war in Afghanistan in 2001-2010. Thus, in 2001-2010, US military spending in Afghanistan amounted to $43.4 billion.
The information notes that US military spending in the Vietnam War, the Iraq War and the Korean War were significantly higher.
U.S. military spending was $138.2 billion in the 1950–1953 Korean War, $125.1 billion in the 2003–2010 Iraq War, and $90.9 billion in the 1965–1975 Vietnam War.
One of the main reasons for high military spending in the Vietnam and Korean Wars was the high cost of transportation.
The allocation of such a large amount of US military assistance to Ukraine also draws serious criticism in the country. However, despite this criticism, US President Biden said during his visit to Kyiv that his country will continue to support Ukraine.

Elnur Ali