Suspicious tender from the MEDIA agency - Who was given 100,000 manats?

"MAS" LLC (TIN - 5101061641) became the winner of the tender held by the LEIE "Media Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan" (MEDIA Agency). reports with reference to published official information, despite the fact that the tender competition was held in December 2021, its results were posted on the procurement portal on January 24, 2023.
The total cost of the tender is 98,700 manats. According to the statement, it is clear that the MEDIA Agency has purchased software from "MAS" LLC to create an electronic sales platform to facilitate the integration of traditional media into digital media and support innovative solutions.
During the past year, i.e. in 2022, when the tender competition was held, "MAS" LLC, by order of the MEDIA Agency, developed a platform called "E-köşk". Access to the digital platform for the distribution of newspapers and magazines is possible through the website. On November 24, 2022, a wide presentation of the "E-köşk" platform also took place.
There are several noteworthy points regarding the tender
It should be noted that the owner of the domain name "" is Magsudov Fuad Arif oglu. A man named Fuad Magsudov in his social network account introduced himself as the head of the information technology department of the MEDIA Agency. This person also noted that in 2017-2020 he was the technical director of "MasSolutions" ("MAS" LLC). Since September 2021, he has been working as the head of the information technology department of the MEDIA Agency.
After contacted the Agency on this issue, Fuad Magsudov changed information in his account on the social network and noted that from September 2021 to September 2022 he headed the information technology department of the MEDIA Agency.
Magsudov Fuad Arif oglu is also the legal representative of "Probill" LLC (TIN - 1703420351). This company was registered on September 14, 2022. "MasSolutions"'s electronic application is called "Probill".
It should be noted that, according to the requirements of Article 13 of the Law "On Public Procurement", the participation of consignors (contractors) who are legally, financially or organizationally dependent on the procurement organization, as well as being an employee or official for three years preceding the procurement procedures, is not allowed.
As can be seen from the published information, the representative of the procurement organization, that is, the MEDIA Agency (in the name of this person "" was registered), was an employee (technical director) of the plaintiff, i.e. LLC "MAS", 2 years ago - in 2020.
For information, "MAS" LLC was registered in 2016. Suleymanov Imran Khamza oglu was the legal representative of the LLC during state registration. Currently, the legal representative of "MAS" LLC is Useinov Vidadi Hussein oglu.
Although a formal request was sent to the MEDIA Agency on January 26, 2023 to clarify the information contained in the article, no response has been received to date.

A. Jafarov