Company associated with relatives of Baba Rzayev wins "Azerenerji" tender for 4.2 million - Facts

The winner of the tender (open tender) held by "Azerenerji" OJSC has been announced. reports with reference to official information that "Electro Service" CJSC (TIN - 1504224741) won the tender held by "Azerenergy" OJSC to purchase various types of electrical goods.
"Azerenergy" will pay "Electro Service" CJSC 4,209,465,000 manats and 80 kopecks for "purchasing various types of electrical goods."
For information, CJSC "Electro Service" was registered 08.10.2018. The legal address of the CJSC with an authorized capital of 2000 manats: Baku, Narimanov district, Heydar Aliyev avenue, 187B. Babayev Tural Ali oglu is the legal representative of "Electro Service" CJSC.
One of the interesting points is that in open Internet resources there is no information about CJSC "Electro Service", the winner of millions of tenders held by state institutions. The company does not have an official website or social media accounts. The company, which was registered in October 2018, won a tender for 787,000 manats held by "Azerishig" OJSC in just 8-9 months. Only in 2022 JSC "Electro Service" won 8 tenders.
Another interesting point that should be noted is that during the state registration of "Electro Service" CJSC, the legal address of the company was located at: house 2071, Ziya Buniyatov, Narimanov district. Mammadov Fuad Alkhaz oglu was the legal representative of the company.
It should be noted that the enterprises belonging to the family members of the President of "Azerenerji" OJSC Balababa (Baba) Rzayev are located in the house 2071 st. Ziya Buniyatov, Narimanov district. For example, Farid Farhadzadeh, son-in-law of Baba Rzayev, the legal representative of "Zira Agropark" LLC (TIN - 1503134451), registered on March 1, 2016 at the same legal address.
Farid Farhadzadeh is the son of Major General Rufat Farhadov, who is the head of the State Service for the Management of Small Vessels and Water Rescue under the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Baba Rzayev's son-in-law is presented in the press as the manager of "Göknur Bakı Ltd" LLC (TIN - 1500023181), the legal representative of this company is Baba Rzayev's brother Rahib Rzayev.
In addition, "GBS" CJSC (TIN-1500855231) is also located at the legal address of "Zirə Aqropark" LLC - Ziya Buniyatov, house 2071. The objects belonging to this company are located in the same area as the olive factory in Zira. Also under the name "GBS" another company was opened - LLC "GBS Constrasion Electro Mechanical Systems" (TIN - 1501472741), headed by Emin Rzayev, another brother of Baba Rzayev.
One of the country's leading companies "Santral Elektrik" LTD LLC (TIN 1500023051) is also located at the legal address of Ziya Buniyatov, house 2071. The legal representative of this company is Baba Rzayev's brother-in-law Hasanov Ilham Agamasim.
Tural Babaev, the current legal representative of "Electro Service" CJSC, the winner of the tender for 4.2 million, is not known. However, open Internet resources mention that Tural Babayev, a resident of the Zira village, works at "Santral Elektrik" LTD.

A. Jafarov