Only the Mehdiyevs' bank operates at a loss in Azerbaijan

Last year, only one of the 25 banks operating in Azerbaijan - "Bank BTB" OJSC - suffered losses. The bank's net loss amounted to 4,975,000 manats. reports, that information about this was included in the quarterly report published by the bank.
For information, we note that 74.98% (49 thousand 829 units) of the shares of "BTB Bank" OJSC belong to Mehdiyeva Nigar Ismail gizi, 19.01% (12 thousand 634 units) Sadig Rza Ismail oglu, 6% (3 thousand 987 units) belong to Makhmudova Tukazban Aga gizi.
It should be noted that for many years the press has written that Nigar Ismail gizi Mehdiyeva, the main shareholder of "BTB Bank", is the daughter-in-law of the former head of the Presidential Administration, the former president of ANAS, Ramiz Mehdiyev, and this information has not been refuted to this day.
It is also noted that Dr. Nigar Ismail gizi Mehdieva, who is currently the Deputy Director of the Oncology Clinic of the Medical University, and Rza Ismail oglu Sadigov are the children of Ismail Rza oglu Sadigov, who held high positions in the Cabinet of Ministers.
In July 1993, by a decree signed by Prime Minister Panah Huseynov, Ismail Rza oglu Sadigov was dismissed from the post of head of the department of science, health and humanitarian affairs of the Cabinet of Ministers and appointed head of the department of science, culture and public education of the Cabinet of Ministers. Ismail Sadigov, who is called father of the bride of Ramiz Mehdiyev, was relieved of his post as head of the Department for Humanitarian Affairs of the Cabinet of Ministers in 2018 due to age.
It should also be noted that the wife of the main shareholder of OJSC "Bank BTB" Nigar Mehdiyeva is the Deputy Minister for Emergency Situations, Major General Teymur Mehdiyev. The only son of Ramiz Mehdiyev, who is a deputy minister, is the main shareholder (96.5%) of "Şərq-Qərb" OJSC, one of the country's leading publishing houses.

A. Jafarov