The company that received 50k from AQTA will work with these news sites - Details

The Food Safety Institute, affiliated to the Food Safety Agency (AQTA), has announced the winner of the tender for the procurement of media services. reports, that "Buludmedia" LLC (TIN - 1503313261) became the winner of the tender for the amount of 49,663.84 manats.
"Buludmedia" LLC will prepare and distribute press releases, photo and video files on "" and "" websites within 11 months, and on "" website within 10 months.
For information, "Buludmedia" LLC was registered on 03.10.2016. The legal representative of the LLC, the authorized capital of which is 10 manats, is Jafarov Emil Kamil oglu.
It should be noted that "Buludmedia" LLC won a similar tender held by the Food Safety Institute last year.