6 banks with capital over 200 million in Azerbaijan - List of owners

6 банков с капиталом более 200 миллионов в Азербайджане - Список владельцев
Only 6 out of 23 private banks operating in Azerbaijan have an authorized capital of over 200 million manats.
Yeniavaz.com reports, that the bank with the highest authorized capital is "Yelo Bank" OJSC. The authorized capital of this bank is 378 million manats.
For information, we note that the authorized capital is both the initial capital for companies, including banks, and the main means of ensuring payment of the financial claims of their creditors in the event of bankruptcy. In this regard, the authorized capital plays the role of a kind of guarantor of both the financial stability of banks and their normal development.
We represent 6 Azerbaijani banks with an authorized capital of more than 200 million and their shareholders:
Banks Authorized capital Shareholders
“Yelo Bank” OJSC 378 million manats “Topaz İnvestments Limited” CJSC – 95,68 %
Marina Kulishova – 4,22 %
“İSR Holdinq” LLC – 0,10 %
(The bank is controlled by Vahid Alekperov)
“Xalq Bank” OJSC 364,8 million manats “İdeal Biznes Ko" LLC  - 50 %
"Yevro Standart" LLC  - 33,85 %
"Amal İnvest Qrup" LLC - 16,15 %
(The bank is controlled by Leyla Aliyeva, Arzu Aliyeva and Arif Pashayev)
“Paşa Bank” OJSC 354,5 million manats PASHA Holding LLC - 57 %
Bless LLC  - 28 %
Arif Pashayev - 10 %
Jamal Pashayev – 5%
(The bank is controlled by Leyla Aliyeva, Arzu Aliyeva, Arif Pashayev and Jamal Pashayev)
“Bank VTB” OJSC 315,8 million manats “Bank VTB” PSC (Russian Federation) – 99,99%
Adygozel Agaev – 0,01 %
(The bank is controlled by the Russian government)
“AccessBank” CJSC 258,7 million manats Asian Development Bank - 19.9%
European Investment Bank - 17.39%
International Finance Corporation - 16.56%
Netherlands Development Bank (FMO) - 9.41%
Austrian Development Bank (OeEB) - 9.17%
Swiss Investment Fund - 8.89%
ResponsAbility Management Company S.A. - 7.11%
Individual shareholders with less than 3% of shares - 11.57%
“Kapital Bank” OJSC 245,9 million manats Paşa Holdinq LLC – 99,88%
Individuals - 0.12%
(The bank is controlled by Leyla Aliyeva, Arzu Aliyeva, Arif Pashayev and Jamal Pashayev)