How can a company established 13 days ago win a tender for 100,000?

The winner of the tender (request for quotations) held by the Ganja Medical College has been announced. informs that "Family 22 FN" LLC (TIN-1203218371) became the winner of the tender.
"Family 22 FN" LLC will sell office supplies to this institution by order of the Ganja Medical College.
The Ganja Medical College will pay 23,260 manats for these services.
It should be noted that LLC "Family 22 FN" was registered a month before the announcement of the competition - 04.10.2022. Ganja Medical College announced a competition on 11/11/2022.
It should also be noted that no information about LLC "Family 22 FN" could be found on open Internet resources. LLC, which was founded just a month ago and won a tender worth 23,000 manats, is registered at the address - "Baku city, Khazar district, Zirya UTS, Bagh street, house 2, apt. 19. Abdinova Nargiz Ibad gizi is the legal representative of the LLC with a capital of only 10 manats.
For information, we inform you that Article 6 of the Law "On Public Procurement" establishes requirements for the qualification of consignors (contractors). Paragraph 6.2.1 of this article clearly states that in order to ensure the execution of a sales contract, it is necessary to have professionalism, experience, technical and financial capabilities, workforce, managerial competence, reliability in the relevant field. It is not clear what kind of experience in the relevant field a company created just a month before the announcement of the tender, which does not have an official website or even an account on a social network, has.
It should also be noted that among the required documents there is also a financial report for 2021. How a company registered in 2022 will file a financial report for 2021 remains a mystery.
It is also interesting that "Family 22 FN" LLC won the tender for the amount of AZN 95,303.46, announced by the Sumgayit State University just 13 days after registration.