These workers receive more than 4,000 manats monthly in Azerbaijan

Working in the oil and gas sector of Azerbaijan have the highest salary in Azerbaijan. reports with reference to official information, that salary in the oil and gas sector amounted to 3,445.4 manats, in the non-oil and gas sector - 777.3 manats.
The wages of employees of state-owned enterprises amounted to 779.1 manats, and private enterprises - 881.6 manats.
The highest wages were recorded in the non-state sector of the mining industry - 4,19.1 manats per month, and the lowest wages were recorded in the social security sector (private sector) - 386 manats per month.
In addition to the oil and gas sector, in Azerbaijan, wages above 1,000 manats are issued in 4 areas. The average monthly salary was 1,078.1 manats in transport and storage, 1,336.3 manats in information and communications, and 2,843 manats in finance and insurance.