Interesting details about the company that won the half-million tender of the Ministry of Internal Affairs...

The winner of the tender held by the Directorate of General Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) has been announced. informs with reference to published official information that "Türklər LTD" (TIN-2900089921) has become the winner of the tender competition worth 455 thousand 408 manat 52 kopecks.
"Türkler LTD" will service and sell spare parts for cars belonging to the security units of Baku, Sumgayit and Absheron region of the Main Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
The legal address of "Türklər LTD" LLC with an authorized capital of 200 manat is Yasamal district, Huseyn Javid avenue, house 32, apt. 33. Khamashaev Khoja Ibrahim oglu is the legal representative of the company.
It should also be noted that "Türklər LTD" LLC became the winner of similar tenders held by the Main Department of Logistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on 07.05.2021 in the amount of 2.8 million manat and on 25.07.2022 in the amount of 2.77 million manat .
"Turklər LTD" is better known by the brand "KerbaAvto". Khamashaev Khoja, the legal representative of "Türklər LTD", works simultaneously as an office manager of "KerbaAvto".
LLC "Kerba Avto Servis" (TIN - 1306216631) was established on 08/05/2019. The legal address of the LLC with an authorized capital of AZN 1,000 is Yasamal district, Sharifzade city, house 37A, apt. 24th. LLC "Kerba Avto Servis" also won dozens of tenders. The official website of "Kerba Avto" indicates that this brand belongs to the company "Türklər LTD".
Ilgar Muradkhan Faraji Nureddin oglu is the legal representative of "Kerba Avto Servis" LLC, as well as "My Auto Service MMC" LLC (TIN-2004794361).
At the same address as LLC "My Auto Service" - Khatai district, Sabit Orudzhev, house 8A, apt. 7, another company was created called LLC "My Auto" (TIN - 1503331321). This company has also won many tenders.
The "My Auto Service" car service affiliated with this company is located at Alishir Navai 19A in Baku.
According to the published information, the "My Auto Service" center repairs mainly "Toyota" and "Lexus" cars. "Jaguar", "Land Rover" and "Range Rover" vehicles are repaired at the "JLR My Auto Service" centers associated with this repair center.
LLC "JLR Service" (TIN - 1503256771), which has the same name as the repair center, was registered on 07/25/2016. The legal representative of the LLC, registered at the address - Narimanov district, Aga Nematulla, house 23, apt. 84, is Shikhaliyev Elchin Alasgar oglu.
In addition, another company called "JLR Auto" LLC (TIN-1505372331), headed by Gamarli Orkhan Zalimkhan oglu, was registered by the state on February 19, 2021 at the address - Narimanov district, Khatai avenue, building 5, apt. 62. JLR Auto Ltd. has also won tenders from a number of government agencies. The company, established in February 2021, won the tender for 11,000 manat held by the Ministry of Finance just 3 months later - in May. This company also won the tender of the Baku Transport Agency (BNA) for 178,000 manat 4-5 months ago.
One of the notable things about these companies is that the "My Auto Service" center's Facebook page lists [email protected] as their email address. At the same time, the mobile phone number indicated for communication (055 203 11 21) also belongs to the "Ocean Avto Servis" center located at Bashir Buniyatov, 40A. Along with "Ocean Avto Servis", which is one of the well-known auto repair shops in Baku, there is also a car sales center called "Ocean Avtosalon" at "Babek Avenue 21". "Ocean Avto" LLC (TIN-1301673961), which has the same name as these centers, was registered on 06/03/2008. The legal address of the company is Yasamal district, Nariman Narimanov avenue, house 57/24, apt. 33. His legal representative is Hajiyev Еhsan Zabit oglu.
It can be seen from the above that the country's leading car services are managed from a single center, despite the fact that they operate under different names.
Here are some of the tenders won by the companies mentioned in the article this year: