This time the businessman was sued by "Kapital Bank"

"Kapital Bank" OJSC, which is considered the largest bank in Azerbaijan in terms of its income, has filed a lawsuit against well-known businessman Azizli Bakhtiyar Kamal oglu. reports, that the case was transferred to the judge of the Baku Commercial Court Kanan Huseynov today - 11/14/2022.
It is reported that the lawsuit is related to disputes under the loan agreement.
For information, we inform you that "Kapital Bank" OJSC together with Bakhtiyar Azizli filed a lawsuit against Kamran Azizli, Aslan Gambarov and "Baga" LLC (TIN - 1405346311).
It should be noted that some time ago the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy and the Main Department of Local Revenues of the city of Baku applied to the court to ban Bakhtiyar Azizli from leaving the country.
Azizli Bakhtiyar Kamal oglu, against whom the lawsuit was filed, is the legal representative of "Baga" LLC and "Toboil" LLC (TIN-1201515381). "Toboil" LLC was registered in 2016 and "Baga" LLC was registered in 2020.
Currently, "Baga" LLC has a debt to the state budget in the amount of 170,483.37 manat and "Toboil" LLC has a tax debt of 1,707.67 manat.
It should also be noted that Azizli Bakhtiyar is also known for a cultural project called "Baxmedia".

A. Jafarov