"Sharg Bazaar" was first built, and then received permission - Photofact

The State Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture has approved a project for the reconstruction of the "Sharg Bazaar" complex located at the address: Khatai Avenue, 15 and 37A, Baku city, Narimanov district.
Yeniavaz.com informs that in the information published by the committee, the permit under the number "Tİ-03/22" was issued on 31.08.2022, and the code number "00700003-3-2501-005510/1122" was issued by the State Construction Register on 03.11.2022.
In addition to them, it was noted that the conclusion on the compliance of urban planning documentation No. "02/270" was issued on 01/22/2022.
It should be noted that the work on the reconstruction of the complex "Sharg Bazaar" was started before the issuance of official permission. Information about this was published in the press. The state television (AzTV) prepared a report on the repair work at "Sharg Bazaar" in April last year. The official opening of the complex took place on June 6 this year.
For information, the work on the reconstruction of the "Sharg Bazaar" complex was carried out by "PMD Group" LLC.