Groundless lawsuit against was included in the "Freedom House" report...

"Freedom House", one of the authoritative international organizations in the world, has released a regular report on the freedom of the Internet, covering 70 countries of the world, and Azerbaijan was included in the list of not free countries with 38 points. reports, that "Freedom House" has presented a comprehensive statement on the reasons for including Azerbaijan in the list of not free countries.
For information, the submitted report includes a lawsuit filed by the Prosecutor General's Office against the site in January of this year. The fine for at the suit of the Prosecutor General's Office was also included in the report.
Recall that at the beginning of this year, the Prosecutor General's Office stated that a citizen who wrote a comment on the news posted on a social network owned by the website had committed insults. In response to the claim of the Prosecutor General's Office, it was stated that the persons who wrote the comment on the social network are not employees of the site. Comments are not posted on the website and its social networks. However, despite this, the court ruled to fine