Who is Lamia Talibly who has won 20 tenders for half a million in the last 6 months? - Facts

On March 3 this year, at the address - "Baku city, Yasamal district, Kh.G.Mustafayev, house 11", were registered 5 companies headed by Talibly Lamia Adilkhan.
Yeniavaz.com reports, that the authorized capital of these companies is 10 manat.
There is no information on open Internet resources about "QLOBAL 18 CORP" LLC (TIN - 1307612701), "DELTA AS LT" LLC (TIN - 1307612551), "ECHO MOON LT" LLC (TIN - 1307612681), "ORLONDO 05 CORP" LLC (TIN - 1307612831) and LLC "LMY 98 CORP" (TIN - 1307612421) headed by Talibly Lamia. These companies do not have an official website or social media accounts.
However, these companies, about which there is no information, won numerous tenders shortly after registration. For example, "ECHO MOON LT" LLC won the tender held by the History Museum of ANAS about a month and a half after registration. Over the past 6 months, these companies have won dozens of tenders for a total amount of more than half a million manats (500,530 manats).
In the table below you can see the tenders won by companies led by Lamia Talibly:

For information, according to the requirements of Article 6 of the Law "On Public Procurement", companies participating in the tender must have professionalism, experience, technical and financial capabilities, workforce, managerial competence and reliability in the relevant field.
We also inform, that in a short time at the address - "Yasamal district, Kh.G. Mustafaeva, house 11, were registered many companies.

One of the noteworthy moments is that one of the companies headed by Lamia Talibly, "ORLONDO 05 CORP" LLC, changed its legal address some time after registration. This company is currently located at the address: Asif Maharramov, house 22A, apt. 20, and dozens of companies have been registered at this address in a short time.

A. Jafarov