3 scientists awarded Nobel Prize in Physics

The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger for work that has "laid the foundation for a new era of quantum technology", Yeniavaz.com reports.

The scientists have each conducted "groundbreaking experiments using entangled quantum states, where two particles behave like a single unit even when they are separated", the committee said in a briefing. Their results, it said, cleared the way for "new technology based upon quantum information".
The laureates’ research builds on the work of John Stewart Bell, a physicist who strove to address the question of whether particles, having flown too far apart for there to be normal communication between them, can still function in concert.
According to quantum mechanics, particles can exist simultaneously in two or more places. They do not take on formal properties until they are measured or observed in some way.