Who is the owner of the "mysterious business" stretching from Lokbatan to Sheki, Gazakh and Yevlakh?

"Rn Corp 22" LLC (TIN-1102636981) became the winner of the tender (request for quotation) held by Sheki Pedagogical College, Yeniavaz.com reports.
"Rn Corp 22" LLC will carry out major and current repairs by order of the Sheki Pedagogical College and will receive 56,152 manat 24 kopecks in return.
For information, we inform you that the tender was announced on 08/25/2022. LLC "Rn Corp 22" was registered about 2 months ago - 06/20/2022.
It should be noted that no information about LLC "Rn Corp 22" can be found in open Internet resources. The LLC, which was established just 2 months ago and became the winner of the tender for the amount of 56,000 manat, is registered at the address - Baku city, Garadagh district, Lokbatan UTS, pas. 1594, house 30, apt. 8. The legal representative of LLC is Maharramov Rovshan Baladadash.
It should also be noted that Maharramov Rovshan Baladadash is also the legal representative of "Orlondo Az" LLC, which is also registered at the address - Garadagh district, Lokbatan UTS, pas. 1594, house 30, apt. 8. Just a month after registration, this LLC won a tender for the amount of 105,800 manat held by the Yevlakh City Housing and Communal Services, and two months later - a tender for the amount of 31,300 manat held by the Gazakh State Socio-Economic College.
For your information, Article 6 of the Law "On Public Procurement" establishes requirements for the qualification of consignors (contractors). Paragraph 6.2.1 of this article clearly states that in order to ensure the execution of a sales contract, it is necessary to have professionalism, experience, technical and financial capabilities, workforce, managerial competence, reliability in the relevant field.
It is not clear what kind of professionalism and experience have these companies, which were founded just a month ago, do not have an official website or even an account on a social network.

A. Jafarov