Why does the winner of the 12 millionth tender not pay "Daewoo" $ 2 million?

The winner of the tender held by the Office of the production and technological configuration of "Amelioration and Water farm" OJSC became CJSC "Grand Motors Company" (TIN-1306374771).
Yeniavaz.com reports, that "Grand Motors Company" CJSC will sell "Amelioration and Water farm" excavators (48) with a total cost of 8 million 999 thousand 200 manat 2 kopecks and various cars with a total cost of 3 million 271 thousand 200 manat.
According to information, "Grand Motors Company" CJSC was registered on 10/23/2019. The legal address of CJSC, the legal representative of which is Nazarov Farhad Nadir, - the Yasamal district, Ak. Shamil Azizbekov, house 22.
It should be noted that "Grand Motors Company" CJSC has won numerous tenders over the past two years.
Earlier, tenders conducted by state institutions defeated "Grand Motors" LLC.
It should be noted that earlier the Korean company "Posco Daewoo" filed a lawsuit against "Grand Motors" LLC for failure to fulfill its obligations. The decision of the Plenum of the Constitutional Court of April 15, 2019 states that "Grand Motors" LLC should pay more than $ 2 million "Posco Daewoo". However, despite the decision of the Constitutional Court, the LLC did not pay the company's debt.